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Spring Bathroom Remodel Prep

As the weather turns warmer, you’ll find your motivation for home cleaning and upgrades increases. Springtime is a great time for new beginnings, including bathroom remodeling. Here are a few tips to get ahead of your renovation project

Find a remodeling company

This might seem like the last step on the checklist, but trust us – it’s the first task to accomplish. A reliable contractor will help you understand the options available to you: is it possible to break walls? Move plumbing? How long will the renovation process last, and how much it will cost?

Get as much information as you can, before you think of your dream design. You should decide by now if you want to renovate only the wet areas or the entire room.

When you gather all the information you can set a budget and have a better understanding of what you can or can’t do.

Another reason to find a remodeling company first, is that Warmer weather months are popular for home improvement projects. You want to make sure the contractor is available in your desired frame time, and schedule the renovation ahead of time.

Set a budget

Once you have the information, build your budget by creating a spreadsheet that factors in all the costs you might incur and each part of the renovation. Leave 20% of the budget to surprises that may accrue along the way.

Spend time budgeting in detail. Even the small costs can really mount up, so try and factor in absolutely everything, capturing as many costs as possible.

Get inspired with design

Now that you know your budget, let the fun begin! Start an inspirational board, and look for your requested materials and items to estimate their cost.

When you plan in advance you have the time to go back and forth to the store, pick replacement products within your budget when necessary and set your mind on the perfect design for your needs.

An experienced bathroom remodeling company can help you find the ideal products based on your preferences. At YMH Atlanta we will be happy to assist you with every decision you make. We will offer you a wide selection of potential replacement bathroom products. Picking the right option can be a challenging process, so it's important to give yourself ample time.

Spring clean

Now that all the pieces have come to place, next thing you do before the renovation starts is a deep spring cleaning.

Clear out cabinets to make room for new beginnings. Take out items that might be damaged in the renovation process and set them aside. Make a list for new items that needs to be purchased, and be sure to take measurements before purchasing new items.


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