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White Kitchen Perfection

Going for a white kitchen is a no-brainer: it’s timeless, easy to maintain, and has an elegant yet lively edge. If you're worried about ending up with a dreary and unexciting space, read our tips on how to level up your design.

White kitchens are an all-time favorite: they’re bright, airy, sleek, and never go out of style. White is the ultimate clean and elegant shade that suits almost any design: Modern, Farmhouse, Scandinavian or Traditional. Though it might seem boring or too conventional to some, white is a versatile color and packs much potential.

Since many of our clients are set on having a white kitchen, we have experience spicing things up by adding some novelty and personality. Here are a few tips to revamp your white kitchen:

50 Shades of white: White is not a singular color; it has hues and nuances: green, gray, yellow, and black are some undertones that will produce a few different varieties of white, from the crispest of pure whites to subtle warm or cool undertones.

Layering shades of white will add more character to the space. It’s not all about color – textures play a role as well:

Using glossed backsplash tiles will look sophisticated, while a matte tile is classier and neutral. The same goes for the countertop: a quartz countertop is considered modern and often used in contemporary designs, while marble is more traditional.

The results will be strikingly different due to the cabinets, countertop, and backsplash tiles being structured from other materials.

Add a pop of color: White is a blank canvas, meaning you can change the look as often as you’d like. Stage your kitchen with colored bar chairs, brass hardware, or vintage light fixtures to add a personal touch. Warm wood surfaces, greenery, and pieces of art in the kitchen will inject the perfect balance of warmth and color.

Accessorizing a white kitchen is fun and simple to change as your style evolves over the years.

Warm It up: There are many ways to “warm up” a white design. Using natural materials is always a good idea: an earth-toned rug, floral curtains, or wood floors will add contrast without breaking out the light color scheme.

Use open storage shelves to create a laid-back appeal of a “lived-in” kitchen, and store your fruits on a lovely basket placed on the countertop or kitchen island.

Bring history in: Atlanta homes are beautifully temperament and historical due to some of them being built centuries ago. It is common to renovate Tudor or Victorian houses and update them to current times. Still, occasionally some of us wish to preserve the historical feel or add it to a contemporary home. Using exposed reclaimed beams to the kitchen ceiling is a great way to bring in history, and the same goes for using bricks on the wall.

Imitating old kitchen floors could also bring a chic and unique look to the home since, back in the day, it was prevalent to use different floors in the kitchen compared to the rest of the house.

Implementing gorgeous black & white checkered floors or elegant decorative tiles will do the trick.

Many of our clients gravitate towards a white kitchen; it offers tranquillity, projecting a clean and formulated environment, simple to layer with other elements.

Still hesitant? Give us a call, and our experts will help you develop the perfect home plan.


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