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The Wynne Project

An open floor plan transformed an old house into a modern home, to better suit the needs of a young family

Our clients recently bought an old house in Atlanta and wanted to renovate it to their needs. One of their requests was to modernize the house and create a design that brings the family together.

The old house plan was divided into small rooms, including the main area. The kitchen was without sight of the living room – where the family spent most of their time together. We offered the family a new floor plan: an open space in the main area, including the kitchen, dining area, and living room.

Open Space Design

Open floor plans are a popular trend in interior design, and there’s no surprise why. Wide open rooms utilize better usable space and provide a more natural social environment. The challenge of this layout is making it feel cozy and welcoming.

In designing an open space plan, you must first identify some focal points and work around them.

Since we didn’t want the stairs to be the focal point, we built a wine cellar wall that attracts the eye and is the center of the floor. A wine cellar wall is both a functional and decorative piece that warmth the modern design with a touch of elegance.

Another trick in large spaces is to create intimate sitting areas. Though the floor is open, we kept three walls in the dining area to keep it free of distractions.

We had only two walls in the living room, so we built a low banister behind the sofa that seemed like a continuation of the banister of the stairs.

Modern kitchen design

Needless to say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Our clients asked for an inviting kitchen, so the kids can be part of meal prepping or do their homework while the adults cook dinner.

While going for cooler scheme tones in the kitchen, the installation layout is inspired by farm-house interior design: upper kitchen cabinets, a big island in the center of the kitchen, and plenty of light fixtures warm the space.

More elements were borrowed from the country chic interiors to add character and a homey feel. Light wooden laminate floors were installed throughout the entire floor to maintain the design continuity. The pitched ceiling added the final touch that brings the pieces together and creates a cozy and esthetic look.

In an open floor design, it’s even more important to ensure all the elements work together and the space looks cohesive. Are you interested in learning more? Give us a call!


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