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Living Like Royalty: The Use of Marble in Interior Design

From classic to contemporary interior design, Marble brings in timeless elegance. Here are 3 Ideas on how to use Marble in your home

Living Like Royalty: The Use of Marble in Interior Design
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The use of Marble in design is a classic fad. Using Marble in architectural design dates back thousands of years for decorative and functional purposes. Back then, Marble appeared mainly in public, religious, or government buildings since quarrying the material was expensive. Thanks to new technologies, quarrying marble is faster and more efficient today than ever – making it affordable and common in home design.

Why choose Marble

Of all the natural stones, Marble is among the most durable. Marble countertops, floors, or decorative elements such as fireplace surrounds – are stunning features that make any space look stylish and high-end.

Using natural stone will increase the value of your home and appeal to potential buyers if and when you're ready to sell.

What are the cons? The primary concern homeowners have about choosing natural Marble for kitchen countertops or bathroom design is that it will stain. Though Marble is prone to staining and scratching, renovators can take some precautions to help avoid this: today's sealers are highly effective at preventing staining without altering the look of the stone itself. Schedule an annual maintenance treatment to seal the pores and slow liquids' absorption.

Where to use Marble

Using Marble in the kitchen: Marble oozes luxury and class. The wide range of colors, veins, and shades make a marble kitchen always elegant and refined.

There are a few finishes to choose from when the standard options are: polished - which looks glossy, or honed - which appears matte. As for the edge profile, we prefer a simple, eased edge, which takes the sharpness off the corners without damaging the natural stone impression.

Installing Marble on both the countertop and the backsplash will create a clean cut that is pleasant to the eye, keeping an organized and modern look.

Marble floors: Marble floors carry a sense of wealth and elegance traditionally associated with royalty. Since this stone is highly versatile, it can enhance the interior design in any space: an attractive flooring option for entryways and hallways, kitchen floors, or bathroom floors.

Marble brightens the room, giving the illusion of greater spaciousness. It stays relatively calm, which lowers air conditioning costs. In winter, once warmed, Marble will retain its warmth.

Marble in the bathroom: The versatility of Marble makes it an excellent choice for bathrooms. It can make up shower walls, countertops, sinks, and floors. Proper maintenance and suitable stain removal methods allow you to keep Marble looking dazzling for many years easily.

Marble and wood work beautifully together to create a modern and warm space. Installing a wood cabinet with a marble top is one way of implementing those materials in your bathroom. Installing brass or gold hardware will make every day feel like a vacation.

If you wish to learn more about ways to use Marble in your home, Feel free to contact us today!


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