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How to Survive a Remodel During Christmas?

Preparing for the holidays can be overwhelming even when your house is not under construction, let alone during a renovation project. Read our tips on how to survive a renovation during Christmas.

The holidays are a great time of joy, but let’s face it, it can be a stressful time as well. Decorating, shopping for the perfect gifts, sending cards, and family swinging through town are a lot to deal with. Going through a home remodel during this time takes it to a whole new level of chaos. Instability, mess, and disturbance are common during renovations. With tips from our experts at YMH Construction services in Atlanta, your home improvement project will go smoothly. After all, what’s better than beginning the new year with a newly revamped home?

Communicate with your contractor

Knowing that you and your contractor are on the same page is crucial. Discuss every aspect of your project, down to the last detail. Communicate with your remodeling contractor to keep tabs on the deadlines and define benchmarks for completing certain tasks. If time is a huge factor for you, make sure to communicate when you want the process to start and if you’d rather take a break from the renovation for a few days and resume after the holidays. Decide on daily working hours, where the workers will park their cars, and where to dispose of trash during the remodel. Discuss the best solutions for all parties, communicate clearly, and maintain a flexible mindset. It will help you feel more at ease and reduce miscommunication between you and your contractor by getting these questions out of the way.

Plan ahead

Strategize a time frame: consult your contractor and design a realistic, achievable schedule before the holidays arrive. List the steps needed for the project and tasks that should be done on behalf of the construction company and yourself. This will create a defined game plan and keep your eye on the prize.

Make arrangements to help you along the way when the house is messy. For example, if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, then you can meal prep ahead of time or check for affordable places for take-outs. If your bathroom is being renovated, place everyday products in a basket that is easily accessible. After shifting the essentials, seal off the off-limits rooms with tarps. Make a new place for every item to avoid chaos. Messy space is often stressful, so try to minimize the clutter.

Perfectly imperfect

You have chosen a challenging time for renovation. Maybe you didn’t have a choice. Accept this is an incontinent time, and give yourself a little grace. You may not make a fabulous dessert this holiday as per usual. Your décor may not look like the front page of a magazine this year. It’s totally fine. It’s only one year. You might not be able to decorate a giant Christmas tree, but you can still use whatever space you have to bring Christmas cheer. Remember the goal - remind yourself of the reason you started. It will fill you with excitement and keep things in perspective. Next year you will celebrate in your brand-new space!


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