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Deck Planning Tips

The deck has become a secondary living room for many of us, a great way to indulge in nature while you're at home. How to plan the perfect deck?

A deck is generally any structure that is not enclosed underneath:

  • Free Standing Deck

  • Attached Deck

  • Covered Porch

  • Screened Porch

When building or remodeling a deck, the first consideration should be the space that the deck is going in. What is the space like? Is it a comfortable, cozy place or is it large and spacious and offers long-range views? A deck's design will be influenced by the character of both the space and the house. Keeping this in mind should always be the top priority and, like with any other kind of design, a well-designed deck begins with planning.

Deck permits and codes

When planning your deck, stay on the right side of the law and keep it safe. Make sure that you consider all local rules and regulations including setback requirements and building codes. The construction of a new deck is like adding a room to your house.

Deciding on the deck size

There are two main rules when deciding on a deck size: It shouldn't be built larger than 20% of the square footage of the house it is attached to, and a deck section should not be larger than the house's largest room.

Think about what you’ll want on your deck: barbeque, dining area, lounge, and how much space these items will take. Think about where stairs will go if necessary, how traffic will flow, and where doors will be accessed.

Common lengths of deck boards are eight, twelve and sixteen feet. When deciding on a width, twelve feet is an ideal width. Eight foot decks quit narrow and leave little room for table and chairs. while sixteen foot decks can feel too large and empty.

At YMH Atlanta Constructions, we recommend using Trex decking board, for a durable, low-maintenance, and heat-mitigating composite.

Enjoying your deck all year long

To make the most of your space no matter the weather, and to better protect it from the elements such as rain or sunshine, we recommend installing a pergola over your deck.

A contemporary pergola it both practical and adds style and presence to your outdoor lounge area.

There are many designs to choose from: a completely open structure, partially enclosed frames, stainless steel cables, tensioned canopy or retractable canopy.

Another feature to consider is lightning. Lighting takes your deck from nice to stunning.

LED deck lights provide a soft glow that lights the deck for easier wayfinding. They can be installed into the railing, stair risers or the deck itself. They are energy efficient, easy to install and level up your outdoor experience when entertaining or chilling on a quiet night alone.

Considering making the most of your patio? Give us a call!


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