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Deck Maintenance

Chilly winter days will soon be over, and we look forward to spending time outdoors. Now is the time to get your deck ready for spring

We are all under the impression that our decks will last forever. Well, sorry to break the news: wood is wood. Your deck needs upkeep and care.

Even though pressure-treated lumber resists insects and decay, it's still vulnerable to moisture and other weather elements. So before you think your decking maintenance can wait, it can’t!

Day to day cleaning

A thorough yearly clean of your deck is critical to the upkeep of your outdoor space.

Give your deck a quick clean every week: remove the debris, sweeping and hosing down the surface. An unwashed deck is an invitation to mold and mildew, which can cause rot and discoloring.

Once you’ve cleaned your deck, it will be easy to inspect and identify any problem areas.

As timber ages, it can swell and shrink, causing nails and screws to rise above its surface – and that is a danger. You should also inspect the boards for looseness, splits, or rot. These need to be repaired, replaced, or put back in place.

Annual cleaning

It is not a coincidence that most people feel the urge to clean and organize around spring time. Winter creates a mess, and spring is the time for declutter and repair. A few steps to consider for your deck maintenance:

Power wash your deck: Using a pressure washer is the most efficient way to removes built-up mold and mildew, refreshing its surface and helping prevent permanent damage and staining.

Sanding the wood: if you want to ensure the longest life of your wood deck, protect it from the elements and keep its vivid color, you need to protect it with sealant or stain finish. But, before you can apply this layer, you need to prepare the wood to accept it.

After deep cleaning your deck, the next step is to sand it.

Sanding a wood deck will smooth out the surface and eliminate any splinters or rough spots, and ensure the stain will adhere to the wood well.

Seal or stain your deck. What are the differences?

Wood sealer is a transparent layer that covers the wood, that protects the wood from moisture and sun damage while preserving the natural color and look of the wood.

Unlike sealers, stains penetrate into the wood. Wood stain contains pigments that effects the wood’s color, ranging from semi-transparent stains to solid stains.

Although they are more expensive than sealers, they do last up to 5 times longer and looks more professional.

Applying a stain is tricky, so you best leave it to professionals.

At YMH Construction, Atlanta we offer a professional deck maintenance services to keep your outdoors repaired, protected and ready to use in the warm season. Give us a call!


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