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Deck Design Inspo

Planning on upgrading your backyard? Get inspired by the following decking design features

Deck layout

A basic rectangle deck is not the only way to go! Consider your exterior space when deciding on your deck layout.

If your house is surrounded by a beautiful view, the wraparound deck will make a great option that takes minimal space while allowing you to enjoy the scenery from almost any angle Inspired by farmhouse and southern-style homes, a wraparound deck is versatile and will work great for most home designs.

If you have a large backyard, consider going for a rectangle or octagon layout. Both shapes are special and functional.

Deck inlay patterns

When you think “inspiring deck ideas,” Your first thought may be about the shape of the space, the color of the boards, or outdoor living furniture. And while those are all important elements to consider as you work to create your decking dreams, consider making your deck a piece of art by creating an inlay pattern.

Use deck boards to create unique patterns, complex or simple, in different shades of wood or in a neutral shade. Choose from many inlay designs including Herringbone, Diagonal, Pinstripe, Picture frame, Curved, Tile, and Single-Width.

Deck railing

When viewed from a distance, deck railings are the first thing you see, and their aesthetic will affect the overall look of your deck.

Railings come in a range of styles:

Curved deck railings can be built to enhance the appearance of the perimeter and deliver the illusion of a larger outdoor deck space. Composite railing systems such as the Trex Transcend line can be curved on the deck itself via professional deck contractors using heat guns.

Aluminum railing

has a fresh and modern look that never goes out of style. Bold black railing will give a dramatic, yet elegant touch to your deck.

Mix & Match includes wood and metal or aluminum, for a contemporary feel.

Bridges and walkways

Building decking bridges and walkways in your garden will take its design to the next level, making your outdoor area look like a botanical garden or a hip park.

Create a path in your garden that will connect the different areas. Consider adding Bridges as part of the extended boardwalk system. An arched bridge adds so much charm to any garden, try incorporating it in your design even if for aesthetics purposes only! Another nice trick we like is using the waste material from your deck to build a walkway, if possible.


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