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Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide

Knobs and pulls are like jewelry for cabinets. Read our tips on

how to place them right!

Cabinetry is the focal point of a room, and hardware is an easy, affordable way to make

a big impact in your space: It can elevate a simple kitchen, modernize an outdated

design and add a personal touch.

Whether it’s replacing dated hardware for something new or picking cabinet hardware

for brand new furniture, it adds so much to the overall design.

There are two purposes when it comes to cabinet hardware placement: functionality and

appearance. The placement and positioning of cabinet hardware also make a kitchen

more functional.

So where do you even begin? Right here, actually.

Knobs or pulls?

Knobs and pulls have the same function, but they also bring their own set of styles to a

room. Which type and style you decide to use will depend on what specific look and feel

you are trying to accomplish in space.

In traditional spaces, the general rule of thumb is to use knobs on doors and drawer

pulls on drawers. When do we break this rule? In a small space, where there is a small

cabinet, we might use only knobs to create a put together look. For a modern look,

sleek pulls all over are great.

How to place them? On drawers and pull-out cabinets, knobs are typically centered on

the drawer front. Cabinet knobs are placed on the bottom of the door, opposite of door


Pulls are easy to grasp and work well in modern and contemporary kitchens. Typically,

pulls are mounted upright, vertically on doors. Cabinet drawer pulls are horizontal, flat,

and oriented horizontally.

Installation tips

  •  You should feel comfortable gripping and opening the cabinet. An awkward or strain-inducing handlebar isn't worth installing.

  •  Make sure your doors and drawers are level and adjusted before drilling holes.

  •  It is easy to mark the same measurement holes on every cabinet using a template or jig. you can build yourself a template using scrap wood.

  •  Re-use old screw holes if you’re replacing handles.

As for design, use hardware to set the tone.

Gold-tone hardware on natural wood cabinets will look more sophisticated.

If your kitchen is all white – that is great! You can change the hardware and create

various looks. Black hardware will give an elegant touch, while brass hardware will

serve a fresh and clean vibe.

You can purchase ceramic, painted hardware for kid’s bathrooms or dressers, for a

playful design.

As always, make sure your design reflects your style and needs. We will be happy to

assist you along the way!


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